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Onsen Muscle Therapy™


Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist Instructor™

  • Julie is a Seattle native, licensed and practicing in Seattle since 1975. She graduated from the Lindsey Hopkins School of Massage, Miami, FL in 1975, and from the Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, in 1990. She has worked at the downtown Seattle Athletic Club since 1982. In 1987 Julie discovered her professional niche: Sports Massage and Injury Treatment. She is passionate about helping anyone in pain, working with athletes and teaching Onsen Techniques® classes.


    The Onsen Techniques® is a treatment protocol developed by Rich Phaigh, LMT at Nike’s track West in Eugene, OR for world class athletes and pain treatment. With over 1500 hours of continuing education, Julie’s major focus has been learning from Rich Phaigh. In 2001 she became a Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist™ - Instructor™ - Examiner™.   She believes it is the most effective method for finding the source of pain and alleviating it.


     Julie also developed a full body massage technique called Circulatory Massage. This is an excellent recovery or maintenance massage. She taught a class in this technique at Brian Utting School of Massage from 1991 until its closure in 2008, and now teaches it through the Therapeutic Training Center in Seattle.


     Getting to know her clients well is one of the things Julie enjoys most. Being able to problem solve and relieve pain is extremely gratifying, as well as seeing the transformation that takes place in a client’s physical and mental stress levels during a one hour massage.  Julie believes she occupies a unique niche:  if you have muscle injury, discomfort or restriction, see her first:  usually she can treat you successfully. If not, she’ll probably have a good idea about who you might consult next.



    •Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) 1975

    •Certified Sports Event Massage Therapist (CSMT) 1991

    •Certified Clinical Sports Massage Specialist (CCSMS) 1994

    •Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist™ COTT™ 2001

    •Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist Examiner™

    COTTE™ 2001

    •Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist Instructor™,

    COTTI™  2001




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    Professional Organizations


    •American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

    •Washington Sports Massage Team (WSMT)

    National Certification Board Therapeutic Massage and

    Bodywork (NCBTMB) - Certified Instructor for

    Onsen International®.


    When she's not working, you can find Julie hiking, camping, foraging, pulling weeds in her garden, swimming in alpine lakes, and telling jokes!

The Treatment of Pain™ ~ Onsen Muscle Therapy™

NEW 2 day Class Schedule for 2017

Onsen Techniques® The Treatment of Pain™ 4 Volume Series Schedule Julie Bacon
Volume I Structural Assessment & Feb 27-28 18 Hrs Seattle
  Correction of the Lower Body Apr 16-17 18 Hrs Tri-Cities, WA
    Jun 25-26 18 Hrs Seattle
Volume II Functional Assessment & Apr 23-24 18 Hrs Seattle
  Correction of the Lower Body      
  includes Lumbar and Pelvic Regions
Volume III Structural Assessment & Sep 24-25 18 Hrs Seattle
  Correction of the Upper Body      
Volume IV Functional Assessment & Nov 12-13 18 Hrs Seattle
  Correction of the Upper Body      
  Source of pain Shoulder Chart      
Neck and Upper Thoracic
Click here to download a Course Outline brochure
COTT™ exam Functional/Structural exam written Dec 8 or 9 2017
Certification Functional/Structural exam clinic Dec 8 or 9 2017

Class Fees: Two Day - 18 CE hr and Three Day - 20 CE hr options are offered
2 day - 18 hrs $350 US 8 wks prior to class; thereafter $375 US Repeat $225 US
3 day - 20 hrs $425 US 8 wks prior to class; thereafter $450 US Repeat $250 US
COTT™ Exam $150 US 8 wks prior to class; thereafter $200 US Repeat - NO Charge

Course includes Volume of Onsen® DVD, Textbook, NEW Workbook, & Study Exam

Onsen® Distance Education Option
Choose between 5 to 6 CE hrs and 20 to 24 CE hrs
(depending on the association you are registered with)

DVD Clinic pkg - Single Onsen® DVD Volume with single Text and Workbook $120 US
Open Book Exam for single Onsen® DVD Volume (5 CE hrs+) $30 US
Total: $150 US
till Nov 15, 2017 Sale: now includes Textbook/New Workbook/Exam marked 80% correct $130 US
DVD Clinic pkg - 4 part Onsen Techniques®-DVD Video Series 300 page workbook $380 US
Open Book Exam for 4 part DVD Video Series & workbook (20 CE hrs+) $120 US
Total: $500 US
till Nov 15, 2017 Sale: now includes Textbook/New Workbook/Exam marked 80% correct $400 US

Distance Education: Click here for information to get your CE hours at home

Venue Location
Seattle, Washington TBA 2017
Hawaii TBA 2017

Registration Deadline Two (2) weeks prior to class
Contact Julie Bacon, LMP, COTT, COTTE, COTTI Ph: 1-206-325-7608
  or (click here)

The Treatment of Pain™ Course Description :

The Treatment of Pain™ known as Onsen Muscle Therapy™ is a full body treatment protocol taught through 72 to 80 hours of hands on class-room instruction and includes a 4 part DVD clinical series with a 300 page Textbook/Workbook/Self-exam package.(Read More)

Participants will learn how to find the source of pain and treat quickly.

**Structural classes use a specialized form of MET to correct structural deviations of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, plus pelvic and occipital areas.

**Functional Classes teach extensive muscle testing to identify & treat source of pain, plus the proper application of Transverse Friction Massage.

**Muscles are also tested for ROM, Strength & Length imbalances, then given appropriate Stretches/Exercises so the body attains its muscle memory and all the corrections hold.

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