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Linda Leeson

Dean of Onsen International® Worldwide

10 - 2070 Harvey Ave.,

Kelowna, British Columbia

Canada, V1Y 8P8




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North America Toll Free: 1-877-717-1210

Out of North America call Canada: (778) 753-2215

Cell Number: Canada (250) 317-4654

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The Treatment of Pain™ Clinic

Zeemans Injury Management in Kelowna, BC

with Linda Leeson, dip RM, COTT™, COTTI™, COTTE™, COTTIE™


Linda will focus on your area of concern with:

► Onsen Muscle Therapy™ - The Assessment/Treatment of Pain

~Easy Assessment , then Structural and Functional Corrections~

► Remedial Massage Therapy may be used but there is so little need for

it after Onsen®

► Functional Direct Techniques™ for realignment of the 26 bones in the

feet: she believes in orthotics after you have your feet aligned to hold

their pain free pattern.

► Sensory Motor Amnesia Therapy™ to implement proprioceptors

needed to bring electricity to the muscles that are shut down in your

body and just appear short.  Stretching becomes a breeze after this

work.  Linda can treat very acute cases using this program when no

one else can .


Linda will always try to ease the symptoms and treat the causes of the problem to activate your healing system:

► Your first session will be 1.5 hours, where she details over the impacts

to your structure and muscle memory system since birth, while you are

comfortable in a t-shirt and comfy yoga/sweat pants.  She will then

assess and correct the first level of pain on an Onsen Therapy™  Table,

to  help you live life longer without pain .

► Linda has been a Master at The Treatment of Pain™ known as

Onsen Therapy™ since 1996.  She makes room for the worst cases that

come to her from around the world by teaming up with their

therapists to help   re-educate their joints.  Her clients include

helicopter clients that survive after crashing 150 feet coming to her on

slant boards only to return to work 8 weeks later full time, to end over

end roll overs that take 40 hours to solve, and include some that took

15 minutes to re-educate a golfers elbow.  Many are lifetime advocates

that want to stay aligned during their lifelong attempt at staying

young and feeling light on their feet and their everyday life.


Linda would like you to see your therapist first, and if they can not help you, call her.



Sponsor a Course

If you would like to sponsor a Treatment of Pain™ Course & Venue, there are some fantastic discounts that will apply to you; Linda will come to your town, her travel and accommodation costs will be divided amongst the number of attendees.


10 participants: 50%, 15: 75%, 20+: 100%  discount to you!




Hours of Business:

Mobile Therapy Office offered - ask for the address at time of call

Tuesday - Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturdays/Sundays: by emergency appointment




Therapy Fees:

1 hour appointment - $100 CDN, 1/2 hour appointment - $65 CDN
10 hours package option - $650.00 CDN

Terms of payment:

Visa, Mastercard, Cheque or Cash

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