The Treatment of Pain™

The Treatment of Pain™ Distance Education Package

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    is the future of pain free living

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    The textbook is more detailed and includes some areas of the body like elbow and wrist. The Therapy Room Pictorial Manual is incredible, you can quickly reference treatment sequences.


    It summarizes all Four Volumes of DVD’s comprehensively

    +  It is coordinated with the Video’s by letter and number codes.

    The Onsen® Distance Education Study Package:

    +  Four Volumes of two hour video DVD's

    +  Matching step-by-step Volume Textbooks

    +  Plus the Treatment of Pain® Therapy Room Manual. Added in 2001, you can quickly reference treatment sequences and pre-done class notes and complete an open book study exam to obtain extra CE credits

    Even without an interest in techniques being presented, the Onsen® Package offers:

    Extensive, relavant and clearly presented western kinesiology.

    Visual and palpatory anatomy.

    Instruction in understanding and assessing the movements of the vertebrae

    Relative balance of muscles

    It goes a long way in making the invisible parts of the body visible

    It is worth its price as a vocabular course alone

    Submit for CE Hrs with a fee if you get 80 percent correct!

    Rich Phaigh said it took him only 48 hours to do the video work but 400 hours to do the step by step textbook.

    The NEW step by step pictorial Onsen Therapy™ Room Manual by Onsen International® with ©Rich Priest gives us the option of
    * a workshop with complete accurate notes so you can concentrate to more hands on efforts.
    * of finishing a Treatment of Pain™ Workshop or DVD viewing without unintelligible incomplete scrawled notes of questionable accuracy

    Rich Phaigh, LMT, DMT calls his videos “A Video Clinic: The Treatment of Pain” which he describes as: “Onsen Techniques®: A New Treatment Protocol combining Muscle Energy Technique, Post Isometric Relaxation, and Transverse Friction Massage.”


A Review from Northwest Body Working Community

If you don’t like rave reviews, please turn the page.

Rich Phaigh deserves a standing ovation from the Northwest Body Working Community for his Onsen® Videos and  step by step textbook and new workbook.

Why be so reserved, Rich Phaigh deserves a 2nd standing ovation from the entire World Body Working Community.


Distance Education Program to get CE hours


The Treatment of Pain™ known as the Onsen Techniques®

Single Onsen® DVD Video Volume with single Text and Workbook:         $130 CDN

Open Book Exam for single Onsen® DVD Video Volume (5 CE hrs+):                     $   40 CDN


The Treatment of Pain™ known as the Onsen Techniques®

4 part Onsen Techniques®-DVD Video Series 300 page workbook:           $430 CDN

Open Book Exam for 4 part DVD video series and workbook (20 CE hrs+):           $140 CDN


 Rich Phaigh's Therapeutic Massage VHS/DVD:                                                $   70 CDN

Open Book Exam for Therapeutic Massage (2 CE hrs):                                              $   40 CDN


Best Tools of the Massage Trade DVD: Called Tricks of the Trade:            $   60 CDN

Open Book Exam for Tricks of the Trade (2 CE hrs):                                                   $   30 CDN


COTT Exam-After attending Onsen Techniques® Vol. 1 thru 4                     $150 CDN

$150 Cdn 8 wks prior to exam; thereafter $200 Cdn   Repeat at no cost.
Then an 80% average in supervised written exam/practical exam 4 CE hrs.
Testing may be available at the end of your 4th Onsen® Volume course dates.



Onsen International® is the only authorized party who may copy or distribute any of the VHS, DVD, TEXTBOOKS, WORKBOOKS or Information with respect to the registered treatment Protocol called The Treatment of Pain™, known as Onsen Techniques®, Onsen Therapy™, Onsen Muscle Therapy™ or just plain Onsen®.

Rich Phaigh, LMT, DMT, COTT, COTTI, COTTE, COTTIE and Excel Sports Science assigned the Certification Program for the Onsen Techniques® for COTT™, COTTI™, COTTE™ & COTTIE™ and the Onsen® Material to Onsen International® in 2001.



Distance Education DVD sale


4 Vol. Onsen® DVD Series

$570 CDN for 20 CE hrs+

Sale:  now $450 CDN & includes Textbook/New Workbook/Exam


One Vol.  Onsen® DVD Set

$170 CDN- 5 CE hrs+

Sale: now $140 CDN & includes Textbook/New Workbook/Exam


Answer 80% of Exam correctly

to earn your CE hrs for

post-graduate accreditation

with your Organization.


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